Up for sale is a newly launched site of Train Twitter. But WTF is that you may ask?

Friend/Follower trains are no new concept, they were around in the glory days of MySpace to help promote your product or service and now they are around in the glory days of Twitter.

Twitter Trains work like this. A member wants to grow their followers so you send them the link to Train Twitter. They then add the last 20 people who joined the train and then they are now riding the train in spot #1. Once a new person joins the train they are bumped to spot #2 but have gained at least one follower. It takes about 6 seconds to follow everyone on the train, so if you do it 5-6 times a day then you'll be able to get 100+ new followers daily. Thats 3,000 new followers a month, just imagine how much exposure you'll gain.

Many great ways to monetize this site:
VIP Memberships. You can sell a VIP spot on the train that automatically adds thier twitter profile to new riders.

Advertisements - Choose from PPC, CPA, CPC or affiliate marketing! Whatever you want to use to make a buck you can do it!

I custom made the design using freely available twitter related graphics and some photoshop work. You won't find any site with this design as its 100% unique!

The site is powered with a commercial script. When you purchase this site, you have full rights to use the script, and sell it if you should sell the site, but you DO NOT have resell rights outside of this domain.

The site is 100% brand new, no time has put in to marketing or promotion.

BIN: $350 (Or toss me a good offer)
Payment method: PayPal