Site : TweetBuyer.Com

TweetBuyer is a UNIQUE idea with LOADS OF POTENTIAL!

When someone tweets that they are looking to buy or are buying something (any combination) TweetBuyer lists their update on the website for people to view. TweetBuyer also allows visitors to click a 'view & contact' link & reply to the corresponding post owner.

Also allows users to search for people looking to buy specific items like cameras, ipods etc

Each post has its own 'buyer page' where the post owners username, real name, location, image & post are shown. An AJAX contact form is located under the post for viewers to use to reply (no need to type the @username or leave the site).

When a 'buyer page' is viewed, the post owner receives an @reply eg: "@username We heard you're looking to buy something?" from account (included)

Very simple idea that will always be updated and should allow for the sellers to find people looking to buy what they are selling through twitter.

The site has been built using

* Javascript
* MySql (1db)

You will receive script + twitter account + domain name (pushed) via

Traffic: as of 19:45 (GMT+1) there have been 1,151pageloads since launch on 18th march 09

Revenue: now $1.13 since site launch

Once its set up (just a simple upload) theres nothing else that really needs done, as i said, you could put ads on it, market it a little and just watch the traffic & money rise.

Start : $50
Increments : $10
Reserve : Yes

TWEETBUYER & TWEETSELLER Can be bought together if the price is right, message me here, on sitepoint or on DP for more info

sitepoint auction link: