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All fans.. this site has officially already beaten by a vast -10.3k alexa rank majority as far as visitors from the country Iran are concerned!!... and this site has the potential to beat your guardtunnel overall in all countries in just another 1.5 months totally!! Just See how.. below!

User Reach Metrics(from alexa): guardtunnel notices decline early but picksup | free2hide notices increase and slant and pickups again.. but both are equally strong on a comparison.. see pics below

Pageviews(from alexa): guardtunnel has a highly fluctuating and unstable pageviews which nears on upper side which stays temporarily upside but it starts with a downside on the beginning of the month and even goes deeper down on the downside and doesnt return back at the end of the month which is a risky behaviour | free2hide has a stable pageviews rate which nears guard tunnel but it doesnt make such a deep dive on the downsides be it at the beginning of the month or at the end and returns back upwards in trend.. see pics below

Time On Site(from alexa): this is also an interesting comparison for both sites.. see a comparison pic of which site is more stable and which is showing more risky behaviors

Bounce Rates(from alexa): guardtunnel notices huge increase in bounce rates | free2hide has a stable and very less brounce rate comparably which doesnt increase or decrease.. its stable.. see pic below

Lowest Alexa Rank On Any Country: guardtunnel has lowest alexa of 19.8k on Iran | free2hide has lowest alexa of 9.4k on Iran .. this is how free2hide beats guardtunnel by a vast -10.3k alexa rank majority as far as the country Iran is concerned.. see pic below

Age Wise: guardtunnel is around 8.19 months old | is just 30 days old(since website started officially) its domain is 1.22 months old still its comparable to its grand-daddy guardtunnel as in case of Daily Views: guardtunnel gets 44k hits approx daily(as its owner "Zash" said in one thread of his) after so much time | free2hide gets 25k hits approx daily in such a less time of starting i can just use my adbrite a/c to proove this.. though i use 3 ad networks(including adbrite) so you can imagine how many hits i get daily.

Cost Wise: guardtunnel is running on a VPS plus using paid ssl that should run to about $40/mo.. ouch! | costs $3.5 per month(including a dedicated ip).. now upgraded to 5.5/mo(including dedicated ip ) plus using free 128-bit ssl.. my dedicated ip makes it behave like a dedicated hosting to visitors (check - Dedicated hosting or not? ..for proof!) and you save a lot too

Seo Wise: guardtunnel has Better seo.. so getting its banned faster but having a poor seo score & overall value according to | free2hide has poor seo.. so not getting banned so fast but having a better seo score & overall value according to

Revenue model: guardtunnel used all of revenue models and there is hardly any chances of multiplying revenue | free2hide has not used any good revenue model till date and so there is tons of options which can increase revenue atleast 20 times of what estimation gave for earnings(will tell this only to the buyer of the site).

Features Unique to present in guardtunnel & other proxy sites):
1>Fixed & Faster Rendering of output pages(thats made in a modified version of glype because the official version was too slow and there were many sites where the top bars & menu bars would fly over your head)
2>Panic Button(dont let your teacher catch you surfing.. use this!)
3>On-Screen Keyboard(to stop keyloggers & spyware from tacking what you type online!)
4>SSL Detector & State Switcher(to help users out)
5>Draggable Url Box(adds comfort of browsing any part of the page you want by allowing you to drag the url box to any part or corner of the proxified page so you dont have to scroll-down your target page like a moron does at other proxy sites)

Other things:
All ClearCookies Option, TOS, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Advertising Info, Faqs, Tutorials(for using this), Video ad(on tube sites), And a Complete 24/7 Support Forum is Ready-Made along with this.

Wanna Know Why the hell am i selling the stuff?: 'Coz im doing internship at HCL where im gonna make a ASP.NET based CMS of my own and submit in the next 1 month and after that i have exams and wont get time till next 8 months for supporting the site or promoting the thing and after 8 months my time finishes and i got to join MCA and do a job. What the disaster it is..!

Well.. PM me your offers(and low-ball offers plz.. ive worked very hard in this project)!