I am selling a vbulletin forum which i modified. It is custom designed and developed by me. Intially, i wanted to established a web 2.0 social content site ( like digg, but different concept) using vbulletin as a base, but i dropped this project due to my other dedications.

- Using vbulletin as a base

- List down all the threads according to the time it is created.

- Threads are given "Kan ranking" a ranking system that i created to gauge the importance of each thread, taking factors such as views, number of comments into account.

- Youtube video thumbnail generation. If you post a youtube video code into the input field, it will auto generate the thumbnail and appear as a video post in the main page.

- Image thumbnail generation. It will generate an image thumbmail if img code is inputed.

- ajax capabilities

- Every 12am, results will be generated and topics with the highest kpa will be displayed under topic's board.

- Pagination

- Theme is heavily custom designed. Professionally and clean.

I dare to say the concept, design and modification of this forum are one of the top in the existing net.

I have great plans for this project but i regretted that i have to release it for bidding because i have no time to dedicate for it. It is one of the many project that i am proud of and i hope the one who continue it will dedicate time into making this community a success. ( which is highly possible)

By purchasing this project, you will own all the rights and claim all the credits such as the codings, design etc.

I am looking for offers to buy this project. Give me your offers.

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