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Thread: Web 2.0 Health Community Start-Up

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    Web 2.0 Health Community Start-Up

    Hi All,

    I listed this health community for sale some weeks ago but did not really get the amount of exposure that i expected. Therefore i decided to relist the site with alot more detailed information.

    This community is developed to provide public with a database of useful health information, applications and of course, a platform for them to mingle around and share knowledge revolving around their health.

    Started in 2009, i had invested an adequate amount of funds for this start-up to fly off. Health is no doubt a competitive industry. However, with the high ROI in health niche, i am sure that, if you are the right person, venturing into the health industry will be a smart and profitable move.

    The Platform

    The community is powered with wordpress and vbulletin. Making use of wordpress powerful publishing module and vbulletin extensive framework, the community is already leading the competitors in terms of software capability.
    The Health applications

    My initial focus of the community is not just on the community itself (allowing users to mingle etc). I have pumped in majority of the funds in developing new, creative, useful health applications to assist users in leading a healthier lifestyle. Currently, there are 6 applications developed.

    1) BMI Calculator
    2) The Calories Mentor
    3) Smoking Savers
    4) Asthma Test
    5) Nicotine Addiction Test
    6) Diabetes Test Risk

    Health Content

    There are now 98 health articles, well written by professional writers. Though health content is not that big, it provides a just nice database to start off. All the articles are uniquely written.


    I would say i failed in gaining enough traffic to this community as i am very new to the health niche. There are 80 to 100 unique targeted visitors daily. Not much advertising had been done since launched, only one press release. An experienced owner, who is already in the health niche will be able to do very well with the community as everything is already there.


    I started this community with the good intention of influencing people to live a better lifestyle; therefore i did not monetize the site at all. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, i am forced to sell this community to gain more funds.


    I have been a web designer/develop for years and this community has been one of my best site. It is designed in web 2.0 style. See it for yourself.


    Lastly, i would like to urge the buyers to appraise the site not by the amount of revenue it generate, but the amount of potential that it can generate. If you are not really interested, please do not pm me as it will waste valuable time of both you and mine. This will not be a bidding system. Please pm me your best offers. My reserve is $2.5k

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    What exactly makes this worth $2.5k? Let's take a look here.

    The site looks poorly designed and the template is nothing special. At first glance, the homepage almost looks like a cheap social bookmarking site! Most of the content on the site is poorly written and would need to be completely redone to make the site more professional and readable for English visitors. Sure, the applications are nice - but they're not worth $2.5k alone. Really, most of them are just simple calculators.

    The community also isn't active or worth much either:
    Threads: 52, Posts: 128, Members: 93, Active Members: 27

    Plus, I see that it's an outdated version of vBulletin. This isn't a major issue, but it could create additional expenses for the buyer that they probably wouldn't think about off the top of their head.

    Finally, you said yourself that it's not making anything. This just devalues it more.

    So tell me - WHAT makes this worth your asking price?

    P.S. Why would anyone use this site over say...

  3. #3 has at $60 for the domain name
    Compete traffic stats: Site Profile for | Compete
    SemRush traffic analysis: - SEMRush's main report for domain
    280 backlinks listed in Yahoo: - Yahoo! Search Results
    PR: 2
    site: == 94,000 results
    Great sub niches to monetize within the site. What would concern me if I was considering purchasing the site (I did take the time to look since I have other web properties in the sub niches) is the "why" behind no compete traffic for July 09, Aug 09, Sep 09, and Jan 10 (Jan could just not be updated yet).

    With no revenue to show, low assessment of the domain name, and current traffic, agree a more compelling argument for a sell cost of 4 digits is required. It could be as simple as hey, it cost me this much for the 96 articles and tools and will show proof privately for serious buyers. I would also want to see proof of the vBulletin license, etc. Based on compete's stats, is the 80-100 targeted visitors daily really page views? When I was newer to domaining fell for that one, and took me 4 months to build up to the daily uniques advertised on a domain I bought early in 09.

    Anyway, @Derek, thanks for listing with the additional info.

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    I just checked one of the articles about s#x and it's one of the "stupid funny s#x" article I've ever come across. No offense meant to the OP but the site aint worth $2500.

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