I am selling the first site I ever created because I need more money to put towards my next project. It is a web directory which has grown faster than I had ever expected. Started in July of 2008 averaging just 50 UV a day, it now averages 490 according to March's awstats.

Site: Xeenit
URL: xeenit.com
Hits per day: 3928
Bandwith per month: ONLY about 3.2 GB
Page Rank: 3
Inner Page Rank: 2 []Xeenit! Ultimate FREE Web Directory
Alexa: 95,728 as of the time of this posting
Active links: 10,000+
Pending Links: 18,000+ (There is a feature in the software which you don't need a license to use that allows you to auto approve all the submissions)

Traffic: Traffic grew every month.
July-Dec 08
Jan-Early April 08
Daily Traffic for March 09
Daily Traffic for early April 09
The traffic comes from a majority of places. The site has a 7K Alexa rank in India. Most of the traffic according to awstats is from the US.
Indexed by various bots
Traffic comes from various places. Over 30,000 hits from direct address/bookmark.
Traffic Sources
Many key phrases and some good SERP's. On Google if you search 'Free Web Directory' without the quotes, it is the first result on page 5. It was on page 9 a few weeks ago. I did a lot of SEO work on Xeenit so I am not suprised it got a better SERP. It also gets a lot of hits from the term 'directory'. In march 09 it got 23 hits for directory
March keyphrases
April keyphrases
You can see 'directory' already has 30 keyphrases and the weird thing is I have no clue which search engine thats coming from. It's not in the Top 10 pages on Google so it must be somewhere else and I am very curious to know where that is. 'Xeenit' also gets searched a lot for some reason. Not sure if its the name of something else or if its webmasters looking for the directory.

Featured links has brought in some rev.
The majority of revenue comes in through banner ads/link sales. I received $57 for a banner in the header for 3 months then three people bought package #1 for one month and some guy bought package #1 for one month but keeps renewing his subscription for $8/mo. which shows that it has been working for him.
Proof of payment for the monthly subscription
I have JUST set adsense up. I can't tell you how much revenue it has made as it is not optimized for the site. It's showing random ads for the site not links to web directories which i know if shown, would get clicked on a lot. I just set adsense up to show interested parties it is capable of having it on the site. There is tons of potential in that area.

Any other questions just let me know. I put a lot of work into this project so want to get a good offer on it and a good, reputable buyer. Last person offered me $300 for it and I was ready to sell it to him but he never followed through with my messages.

I am looking for offers of $250+ PM me offers please.