Up for sale is Web Hosting Review Shop | User Powered Web Hosting Reviews freshly made site. A little promotion has been done, there has been light link building, so far and I'll write one hosting related article to help spread the word.

What you're buying is a professionally built site that is ready to make you money. Some call these "Turn-key sites" some call them "Ready to go". I simply call it a 100% complete solution that's properly been built and not half assed with poor inefficient coding or pirated scripts. 100% Premium!!!

Info: Web Hosting Review Shop lets users submit reviews about major hosting companies. Wether their experience has been positive or negative these reviews get posted, and using WPReviewSite script (Included at BIN Price) they get a rating based on 5 starts of major categories (that you can easily add to if you so wish).

The highest rated company is then posted on the front page at the top. Currently it only shows companies from the shared category due to their industry high pay outs, but can easily be configured to show from all 3 categories (Shared, VPS, Dedicated). The blog is self maintained and requires no work from the admin other than basic promotion.

The site is built upon wordpress and heavily modified DesignFarm skin from WooThemes (Included in sale no matter the final price!). Along with other modifications such as professionally configured All in one SEO pack, Affiliate link masker, 301 custom page redirects, Contact Us Form, and more!

A lot of time has went into this project to ensure that its 100% complete and ready to go. This site will literally pay for itself with the sale of about 5 hosting packages from any of the currently listed providers.

Just Added: The site now as a FAQ section as well, where you can provide questions and answers about the site or hosting services, see it in action by visiting the site and clicking "Hosting FAQ" at the top.

What you'll need: You'll need your own hosting after 30 days from the end of the auction it will be removed off my server. I will transfer this for you if you need me to.

You'll need affiliate accounts at the major hosting providers currently listed. All affiliate accounts are free to join and cost you nothing. You can even use your current affiliate account if you so wish. Instructions for switching the links will be sent to the new owner, or I'll change them all for you.

What you'll get:
You get everything you see at the site! Domain, custom coding, and a the huge earning potential of this project!

Domain: Web Hosting Review Shop | User Powered Web Hosting Reviews
Registrar: GoDaddy
Hosting: 30 Days free!
Premium DesignFarm skin

Skin License/Script Licenses: The style "DesignFarm" is provided from WooThemes where I have a monthly subscription that entitles to me include the themes with the sale of any web site. Included in the sale is the modified skin that you see live at the site, as well as an unedited version for your reference.

WPReviewSite however is not included in this sale. My software license prohibits me from including the files with this and I must adhere to those terms. HOWEVER if this goes at the BIN price I'll buy you, your very own WPReviewSite license free of charge! (Thats a $97 savings!). Alternatively there are free solutions available for ratings, but I can not support them, or modify the site for them.[B]

Start: $1
Reserve: $200
BIN: $800 (Literally 8 affiliate sales! Anyone can do that in a week!)
Method: PayPal

*Edit: I'll only move to other cPanel hosting environments that support Wordpress
This was also posted for sale at AdminAddict.net as an "exclusive" offer, but there isn't any real interest there and I haven't had much luck selling things there anyway so its been promoted to a larger audience.