Hello friends,
I am selling my one and only, Free Web Proxies listing Site. its using licensed PHP ProxyList v1.3 script [$14.99usd]. verify the license urself here

As u will see I have customized the script myself with cool bookmark icons and new ads placements and some additional coding.

Premium high Paying/Searched keyword domain:


It's a valid PageRank 2 Site. Check here

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1574663. Check here www.alexa.com

The site is Number 5 on Google for keyword "bypass school firewall"
also Number 3 on google for keyword "freewebproxies"

Take your time and search by urself.
The site gets 2-4 new proxy submission every single day, some times 8-10 submission

Monthly avg 891 unique traffic.
also the sites listed on that site gets huge hits. go check to most visited sites, u can find the number of hits.

The site gets genuine unique traffic from USA. Approx: 80%.
The rest are from Europe.
Google Analytic Screen Shot:

As I changed my site host to new host provider due to bad uptime, i dont have the old traffic stats, but I can show u Traffic Stat from Feb09 to till date on my new host provider.

Also here are the last 2 month traffic stats:
MARCH 2009: http://www.foxyupload.com/pictures/9...059ecbec26.jpg
APRIL 2009: http://www.foxyupload.com/pictures/1...bbbef24c15.jpg

The site has little earning, as i haven't promoted the site much. but well promotion could make the site earn BIG BUCKS!! The site got PR2 by itself, so u can imagine after huge promotion what u can have actually

The Site has Around 5201 Backlinks. and still growing
Check here www.backlinkwatch.com

Great keywords(SEO): http://www.foxyupload.com/pictures/2...d4da686991.jpg

Now You must be thinking why the hell am i selling this excellent site. Well I need money to buy an iphone, its awesome man. Also i don't have any time to see and monitor the site.

Domain is registered on NAME.com (free domain push to the winner's account)

Also if the winner want me to setup/transfer the whole site to his hosting account. NO WORRIES. just sit back and relax. i will do it for FREE. just provide me hosting details.

Well now about main part.
winner will get the site with licensed PHP proxylist script worth $14.99usd

Starting BI $40
BIN: haven't decided yet, but will post after getting some good bids.

I accept Paypal only, NO Credit Card payment

**Already listed on DP forum. here