I want to sell my Thumbnail Generator Tool.

The site: ThumbsOnFly.com - Free Website Thumbnail Creator

Domain registered at Godaddy at 15/02/10
The domain vaild until 15/02/11
Alexa Rank: 983,056
Pages Indexed: 6

Thumbsonfly uses External source, more then 1530 thumbnails is already created.
Include thumbs counter, About, faq and contact Pages.


About the Script:
What is it ThumbsOnFly Script?
ThumbsOnFly generates the thumbnails of the given URL. It's very difficult and a bit time taking to take the screenshot of a website and resize it to a thumbnail. This application helps you a lot in that case. It works for both home page and internal pages of all URLs. It dynamically creates the thumbnails on the fly!! Thumbnail can be downloaded using Download link.

Features of ThumbsOnFly Script:
  • Automate (just write address)
  • Clean design (Easy to customize)
  • Valid XHTML
  • Uses External source (so it don't eat your resources - If you register in September the first year is free)

Revenue Sources (For the owner)
You can monetize this site with: Adsense, Adbrite, CPALead and more.

Requirements of ThumbsOnFly Script
-PHP 5
For the buyer:
I push free the domain via Godaddy.
Free Installation on your server.

BiN - 15$

Payment - Paypal.

MSN - aviv_amram@msn.com