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Thread: Website Uptime Monitoring Website/Business

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    Website Uptime Monitoring Website/Business

    Hello everyone!

    I am looking to get out of the website monitoring business, since I am currently going to need my time for some special projects I have in mind. So, I'm willing to let go of this business for a very cheap rate in the hopes that someone will buy it and help it live up to its full potential.

    Below is what I put in my advertisements, so it should give you a great idea of how the business runs. I had two clients in the business, each opted into buying the $5 a month plan, which resulted in some nice cash for a little while. The service offers a Premium Account and a Premium Plus Account, $5 and $10 a month, respectively. Located here:

    I'll be honest with you - right now, the site isn't making anything. But the reason behind that is that I am also not investing any time or effort into it at all. If you can spare some time to work on promotion, you could easily begin making the big bucks. It is a great deal with a lot of potential.

    Price: $20 - payable via PayPal.

    - Welcome to UptimePod -
    Quality Website Monitoring

    Your website is your business. Picture yourself sitting at your computer typing away on NetBuilders while, without you even knowing, your website is now unavailable to your customers due to an error. *cue dramatic music* Customers are leaving instantly because they can't see a thing on your site. That's lost revenue. What if your image is permanently scarred and they end up not returning at all? The unfortunate possibilities are literally endless.

    That doesn't need to be you.
    You have on your side!

    UptimePod is a free service that monitors your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    If something goes wrong that prevents customers from being able to access your site, you will be instantly notified which will allow you to quickly rectify the problem which will protect you from losing money and customers.

    All you need to do is visit our website and register:

    You will be instantly granted peace of mind and security knowing that if anything goes wrong, you'll be the first to know about it, rather than your customers.

    Need multiple websites monitored? Additional features? Click here.

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    Has anyone signed up for the service?

    How is a user alerted when their site is down? Is is a text message alert to their cell phone?
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  3. Ya I also have the same questions as Topdogger, how is the website monitered and how does the user receive the alerts?

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    Premium members have the SMS option.
    Standard members are alerted by e-mail. They can add up to 5 e-mail addresses to receive the report.

    As for how it's monitored, these protocols can be checked:
    HTTP Web Server
    POP3 Email Server
    SMTP Outgoing Email Server
    FTP File Transfer Protocol
    SSL Secure Socket Layer
    Custom Ports

    If more than one server experiences a connection error, a report is sent.

    And yes, TopDogger - had two paying customers at one point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    What kind of server do you need to handle this Mr. Kovich?
    Any shared hosting plan will be able to handle it. It's not resource intensive.

    P.S. A picture of the admin panel:

    It's very easy to edit everything right through that panel! =]

    Included is the information for 4 monitoring servers which are attached to the site. No payment or maintenance needed for those.

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    The site has been sold! Thanks for your interest everybody.

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