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Thread: Websites with Unique Content - PR2+

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    Cool Websites with Unique Content - PR2+


    I am looking to purchase unique content websites. All content will be checked by copyscape premium.

    I don't want websites started recently, they should be 4 months old, or older.

    Blogs are fine, but focusing on regular websites. If inner pages have PR, that is an asset. Preferred tlds; .com, .net, .info

    Contact with URL and price, and any relevant information such as PR, traffic, and revenue if any.

    Budget: $1 - $150 per site, but be reasonable with your prices.

    Thank You

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    I've been selling OrganizationTips, unfortunately someone copied the website. I don't know what to do about it, but I might sell it for 20$ (Nux made a bid of 15$ on it).

    |Nico Lawsons

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    What niche(s) are you interested in picking up with the purchase?

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    • Auto
    • Travel
    • Pet
    • Weight Loss
    • Addictions
    • Casino/Gambling
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