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Thread: WTB: Buying Revenue Sites

  1. WTB: Buying Revenue Sites

    I'm buying sites with adsense and affiliate revenue of $100-2000 per month.

    - traffic must be seo, established google rankings
    - content sites only, no proxies, arcades, pictures, wallpapers etc.
    - revenue not counting private link sales
    - pm your site url, revenue stats and price

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    What's "fair market value" for you?
    Cabins Renta
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  3. Depends on the site, if it's an old established site I could pay a bit more, if it's relatively new - less.
    But I've usually paid around 12 months earnings.

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    Let me PM you on this...
    Cabins Renta
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    I have a site at It is a PR2 3-4 yr old site and has 118 links in google. I am the original owner. I have neglected it the past couple of months, but it has made around $400 this year from very little work selling an affiliate product, plus pocket change from adsense.

    You would have to make an offer since I do not know anything about selling sites
    Cool Beans

  6. Looking to purchase more sites now. PM your sites with prices

  7. Completed another site purchase last month and I have some cash left for more sites.
    pm with details for more info, but only if it fits the first post.
    I'm currently mostly interested in sites for $3-15k

  8. looking to buy another site by the end of the month, so pm if you got something good..

  9. Interested in adult forum?

  10. no, thanks

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