Hey guys. If you've been around you know about http://www.blogbydesign.com and what it does. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to pursue such a project. Therefore, I am selling the website.

To be honest, I doubt anybody is going to hold you to its original purpose. You could just do regular reviews, you could talk about blogging and design, you could do videos, I dunno. I would just like to see it in the hands of someone who can develop it.

Here is what I am including:

- The design (custom)
- The script (full video review script. built on wordpress. non-exclusive)
- The video reviews (you can have the old ones too. I think they are still up on Vimeo)
- both twitter accounts (@bbdreviews and @blogbydesign)
- the domain name (expires 2010)

I'm willing to let it go for $150, but will be accepting lower offers if you really want to get your hands on it. Please do not ask for separate parts of this package. It's all or nothing.

PM or contact me at corey(at)deadlyclever.com. Payments via paypal please!