I brought a site a about a month ago , the site use to be on PHPBB i converted it over to Vbulletin, but im not intrested in keeping the site, i thought i would be but its just not my thing.

I set a Credit based Points For Prize on the site , to make it so member have somthink to post for , You will have to have your own Prizes as the Prizes on there i will take down , after i have found a winning Bidder, or you can just take down the Credits For Prizes.
The site needs a bit of work like i.e beter SEO , Lots of Promotion and somone that is willing to make the site a great General Forum.

Very little Rev as i have only had it about a month, i payed for some forum posters to make it active.

Come with a Vaild Owned Vbulletin that runs out on Aug 31st '09

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Daily Stats Image
VB Registration Stats Image
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G Talk Forum Statistics {From When i Posted this Thread}
Threads: 1,235, Posts: 5,147, Members: 312, Active Members: 59

Domain www.GTalkForum.com
Regesterd At Godaddy Free Push
Starting Bid $250
Bin $500
End Date to be Set

Payment by Western Union

Any qestions please ask.