Here I do Server Clearance, I sell domains and sites.
Domains ::

Domain: MoviesDown.org
Register: Godaddy
Created: 26/02/2011
Expiry: 26/02/2012
Pages Indexed: 2
Estibot Appraisal: 65$
Price: 9$


Domain: WatchMadLove.net
Register: Godaddy
Created: 07/03/2011
Expiry: 07/03/2012
Pages Indexed: 1
Price: 9$


Domain: WatchGlee.net
Register: Godaddy
Created: 02/04/2011
Expiry: 02/04/2012
Pages Indexed: 1
Estibot Appraisal: 140$
Price: 10$


Sites ::

Site: AndroidArea.org
Domain registered at GoDaddy at 20/03/11
The domain vaild until 20/03/12
Pages Indexed: 285
Domain Value: 340$ (Estibot appraisal)
AndroidArea is automated site about Android niche.
The site have 157 Articles online, and I have plugin that makes them all UNIQUE articles.
All the site is automate, so you don't need to do nothing, only to make traffic for site. (everyday it posted between 1-5 articles and makes them Unique )
AndroidArea have nice looking skin with great ads placements to make good revenue. (Related Design)
Traffic: http://www.androidarea.org/Analytics...idarea.org.pdf
Price: 30$


Site: WatchTrafficLight.net
Domain registered at Godaddy at 05/03/11
The domain vaild until 05/03/12
Pages Indexed: 92
Search Volume: 18,800,000 search results in google
WatchTrafficLight.net is powered by Wordpress system, with Custom logo, Custom template.
It's easy to edit/delete/add episodes/categories thorough wordpress admin panel.
It's have Custom Panel to add the video, ads above/below the video, social links.
All the links are freshed and working, We have 6 episodes current, and the show still in AIR so you'll get good traffic (from Google).
In each episode I put, megavideo watch link, megaupload download link, description, preview image.
The skin is custom to this site, and it's have "latest episode" in index and more.
100 to this site (According to CheckPageRank.net).
Traffic: http://www.watchtrafficlight.net/Ana...clight.net.pdf
Price: 15$

Payment - Paypal

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