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Thread: Which is the best social bookmarking tool?

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    Which is the best social bookmarking tool?

    Which one do you think is the best social bookmarking tool?
    There are so many of those availabe for everyone for free and from what wee can see, if used intelligently they can bring huge waves of traffic to your site.
    Some of the top social bookmarking sites are digg, Yahoo! Buzz, StumbleUpon, reddit, Technorati,, kaboodle, mixx, Propeller, newsvine.

    Which one have you used and have given you the best result?
    Also if you can tell the pros and cons of using them and which one is the most user friendly of them then it will be great.

  2. The best social bookmarking tool to use... for me.. is You can submit up to the top 160 social bookmarking sites at the same time FOR FREE! Also twitter is an awesome tool for internet advertisement as well. Social bookmarking sites are a great option for obtaining organic traffic . Organic traffic is traffic that doesn't come from search engines and doesn't cost cash.

    Also generally speaking, social bookmarking is a more trusted from of advertisement because the "ads" are being presented by "genuine poeple" and on twitter they are even you "friends" that you are "following". So of course many poeple would be inclined to click on something that other people are recommending before they click an ad that is popping up on their screen or on the side of a web page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonshaneisle View Post
    I use only one social bookmarking sites which is digg and Technorati. I think its very easy to use and very popular too.. I also get many visitors for my web site and blog too.. Thats why i love to use it. Thanks..
    Thanks for that site Whitey99, downloaded their wordpress plugin and am currently using it.
    Thanks a million

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    Bookmarking Demon - Fully automated account creation, activation, submission, support upto 100 sites, 70-80%success rate for me. The best available bookmarking tool in the market, if you buy using your own CB affiliate link it is just $97.

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