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Thread: Bookmark Links Dropping Out in Yahoo SiteExplorer and Google Webmaster Tools!!

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    Bookmark Links Dropping Out in Yahoo SiteExplorer and Google Webmaster Tools!!

    I started my link building campaign with bookmark links and they showed up in siteexplorer within a week and pushed my site in after more than two months they have dropped out of siteexplorer and webmaster tools..

    The links are still alive in the bookmarking site but now they are not shown in yahoo or is that possible??

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    The SB sites have an enormous number of pages and may not be completely indexed by the search engines. Check to see if the specific pages your links are on are indexed by each search engine.

    I would not worry too much about what Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer tell you, they are merely approximations of what the search engines are really counting.
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    Also check to see if the Social Bookmark sites have added the nofollow tag.

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