How many of you actually use as it’s supposed to be used?

I know that you can dish out link after link to your site and share or push your links upon others, and that getting groups together to push those links to the top…but is much more then that and offers power and control over other aspects of the webmastering life.

Years ago a friend of mine was using the site and introduced me to it in order to help promote my own forum. I began bookmarking my cooler pages and pushing them to friends to do the same, but as I began promoting my site through other methods, I found that my own favorites folder began to quickly fill up with links to help my promotion. All the clutter in my favorite folder started to get very difficult to sort through, as several of the links pertained to more then one aspect of promotion and web-building.

That’s when I started to use Delicious as it was actually meant to be used…. As a social BOOKMARKING site.

I now have tags based on vBulletin and it’s various aspects, multiple tagging allows me to categorize my bookmarks on multiple levels. I can now tag a vB article that deals with social bookmarking sites by tagging it with both vB and Bookmarking. Yes, this promotes other sites, but what of it? They are not sites within my niche, so it’s not like I’m feeding the competition.

On another forum I’m also in continuous debate on a specific topic (those that know me know what I’m talking about). Delicous comes in handy to keep track of these things as well. I’ll tag things with given points within said debate. Again, I’m not feeding the competition, as the debate is well outside of my niche.

Even if it was within my niche though I’d still be using the handy site as it was meant to be used. As within the confines of what else I have to work with it’s simply a very powerful tool to keep things organized, especially as it’s integrated within my browser, so such handy information is always just a few clicks away.

Though I must admit that I’m not up-to-date on all of the other social bookmarking sites out there that may offer similar features…and if I was, I may be using a lesser known site for this practice of personal use reserving as a means of self-promotion…but until then this particular social site I’m using for multiple reasons.

You can use it to...

  • Keep track of directories that have added your site.
    This serves the double purpose of promoting sites that promote yours, as well as to keep track of what directories have your site listed
  • Sites that link to you
    Again, promoting sites that promote yours is ALWAYS a good thing, if you can help up their PR, you are helping to up yours!
  • SEO articles
    Keeping them handy for your next project
  • Personal threads
    I say some pretty cool stuff, lol... I find it handy to keep track of some of the better things so I can use them refernce later. (Duplicate threads pop up all the time, why not rehash what's already said, it gets your sig link out!)
  • Things of personal interest
    Ya never know when you may want to re-visit such things, or better write about them yourself
  • There are many many more reasons...

Here is a link with some nice ways to integrate with the Machine:

I'm of course not saying that you should ONLY use it for personal reasons, but I am most certainly saying using it for personal reasons as well as personal gain will inevitably help push both aspects!

Thanks for your time,