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Thread: Did Matt Cutts expose a hole in Digg?

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    Did Matt Cutts expose a hole in Digg?

    Last week Matt Cutts made a post about how to connect your Linux computer to a Wii balance board using Bluetooth. This post happened to make the Digg homepage, however what was really interesting is the way he did it, which has exposed an exploitable hole in Digg.

    First off to be clear this post is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a plan to exploit Digg or any other social media websites....

    Did Matt Cutts Expose a Hole in Digg

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  2. A vulnerability than only be exploited by owners of extremely authoritative domains... not so much fun.

    But... could you twist this just a bit and make a better exploit? Could you use a combination of parasitic hosting and a meta refresh to submit articles on a whitelisted site? Probably not. Probably no sites that allow parasitic hosting are whitelisted by Digg.
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  3. It makes since that digg might have some kind of feature to block spam sites from getting on the front page. And if a feature in fact exist, why not use it to your advantage?

    I have the opinion that if something is there, then use it. Regardless if it was designed to do that job or not, use your available resources to achieve a desired goal.

  4. I completely agree texashiker! If its there and it can be used, then do it. "fd" If whoever made that feature couldn't see what all uses it could have, intended or unintended use then its fair game until the fix it imo
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    I'll just email all my good friends at msn and and I'm in - No problems!

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    "While Digg vehemently denies they have a white list or moderate based on the domain name"

    That's not really matter if they deny it, On that level you really can't exist without moderation.

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