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Thread: Digg dofollow tag?

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    Digg dofollow tag?

    How to get dofollow tag for digg story as i notice only few stories which has large no. of dugg has dofollow tag.

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    Digg takes of no follow tag once to entries that goes to the first page or has been dugg a lot of times and not a spammy links, so ensure that you are submitting quality sites for it to be do follow.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by James Stein View Post
    Did not even bother reading the thread did you .....

    Digg has been no follow for some time now due to SpaMarketing, as stated above you only get a do follow if it becomes popular

    I would like to add to that - dofollow is a running joke on the internet - the "dofollow" command is not even a valid html command. When a search engine sees it, its ignored.

    So if your looking at the source code, trying to find "dofollow" - your wasting your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jAlpari View Post
    How to get dofollow tag for digg story as i notice only few stories which has large no. of dugg has dofollow tag.
    Most links on Digg are no follow it is fairly hard to get do follow tags on Digg.

    I guess your best shot is to submit a site of value and acquire a good hundred or more diggs. It can be very easy actually if you know how to do it.

    I use to offer digg services and I really like using digg because when people digg your site if you do it properly they also visit your site. So not only do I get a digg but I get traffic.

    It went successfully and I offered over 500 Diggs as well as stumbles and yahoo buzz but then I close my services when I release my ebook.

    And the payoffs are great! Usually result in a lot of traffic and reputation if you manage to get on the front page of digg but just a warning digg doesn't base front page solely on the number of diggs. although it is a factor many other factor comes into play.

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    It is totally depends on website content. If people like you story then they dugg it and makes your post become popular.

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    Usually, the websites with do follow tags are voted by users in Digg. As it lands on the first page of digg, the no follow tag is lifted. So all you need to do is to know how digg works and how to get into the circulation of digg community.
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