Digg in the Future claims to be able to predict what Digg stories will hit the front page, with 63% accuracy.

There's a decent writeup at ‘Digg In The Future’ can predict Digg’s frontpage with 63% accuracy.

Vir’s algorithm takes into account two main factors: “power submitters” (users who frequently submit future frontpage stories) and “power diggers” (users who frequently digg future frontpage stories). Digg In The Future keeps track of stories that have been dugg or submitted by successful users. The algorithm also relies on other factors including the time of day (since stories submitted in the early morning hours are unlikely to reach the front page) and whether the link comes from “preferred” sites that appeal to Digg users: a list that includes Cracked, Wired, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

One interesting element of the algorithm is that it doesn’t just look at Digg or its users. Since many of the links that make it to the front page of the site have already been shared on other social networks, the Digg In The Future software looks at frequently shared URLs from Twitter and gives those added weight.

Thanks to Sinisa for the link!