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Thread: Digg or twitter?

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    I would say Digg. There are a lot of spam messages on Twitter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukijus View Post
    I would say Digg. There are a lot of spam messages on Twitter...
    From above answer I must say Digg is the best of best site in comparison of twitter..

    What you think guys..?

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    I don't believe twitter has a future...on the other hand I've seen numerous websites recieve a tremendous influx of traffic by getting listed on Digg! Take the experience project for example- they recieved their first 1000 odd members through digg and look at where they are now!

    Anyway think about tomorrow's world who will have the time to randomly keep posting updates to his/her twitter account?

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    In my opinion I get more traffic and useful hits from twitter

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    My vote goes to Digg. It is easier to generate traffic from Digg than Twitter. You need to have a large number of followers to generate traffic from Twitter.

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    i like twitter and Digg,getting top page in Digg is so hard and twitter is good traffic source

    Both are Good traffic resources

    Good luck

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    The only thing which I don't like about twitter is the lack of messaging words. I prefer Digg - The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images as it has quality articles.

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    I go for digg as long as the content is excellent it will stay there also its simple But twitter is consumes too much time.

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    I actually think Twitter makes things faster. Digg can ban your site if you start spamming them with your sites. Happened to one of my sites back in 2007.

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