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Thread: Digg or twitter?

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    Actually Twitter and Digg both are useful where Digg is helpful for social bookmarking and twitter is actually a micro blog. But if I need to compare between them then I must say Digg helps us more to get target traffic to our site. Also sometimes it helps us a lot in quick caching a page in Google.

  2. Twitter for me because I am using twitter to read some twitts from different famous people and it was really fun to read those twitts from them

  3. digg..because everyone can digg my post.. no one tweets my tweet

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    A lot has changed for the past one year whereby twitter has seen significant rise in popularity while digg seems to be lacking behind. My vote goes to twitter.

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  6. My vote also for digg, I find it a lot more useful than Twitter.

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    twitter is best. You work on building your account and when u have something to plug, it's guaranteed traffic right away
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    At the moment Twitter is more useful for me. I was an early adopter and therefore have an alright following. It provides some quite valuable traffic and connections with other marketers.

    I'm waiting for the new version of Digg
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    I also think that Google Buzz is sort of lame, but may be catching on considering so many people have gmail.
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    i would say that digg is real social bookmarking
    twitter si more like micro messaging.

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