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Thread: How To Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

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    Yes I am also against the automatic or software submission this kind of social bookmarking service can cause you serious effect ... so try to avoid that.

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    Make a fully professional profile. fill all necessary fields and after that like the post of other person join the groups. and then post your bookmark and share this with your friends, means make a proper network....

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    Exactly automated submitting tools are not much effective though it is faster. When you will make a very high quality profile and bookmark ur site to that profile then ur site will get significant value to the social site and possibly it may come at the first page soon on the social site; but most importantly to get constant or contiguous traffic please make ur site such that it helps the visitor and make them to come back again.

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    I do social bookmarking of my site on more than 200+ site but don't get any backlinks. What i have to do for getting backlinks from Social Bookmarking services?
    Any idea?

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    Post on the many and many bookmarking sites and try to make increase your follower, try to chat them and give your url to open, say with them to give a feedback.

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    Sharing and posting content to social bookmarking sites gives you chance to spread all about your site to make it visible to the online world. You need to be up to date regarding the contemporary flow of the market. You must be able to gather your followers via references of content users.

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    Thanks for such precious information as i have not used any of the social book marking site till now but i have planed to do so in near future. One thing is really interesting that if one cannot get the traffic but can get the good and quality backlink that will definitely help in improving the page rank.

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    I am doing social bookmarking for my website but I am not getting traffic from this. So can any one please let me know how I drive the traffic to my website using social bookmarking.

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    Those are really helpful,social bookmarking site is really helpful on getting traffics in fact most of them are using BMD which is very popular of a lot of bookmarking site with different ranks.

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    I do manual social bookmarking and they have been really good in providing me traffic as well as improving ranking.

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