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Thread: How To Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

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    Social Bookmarking gives good results. It still works ever after many major changes in SEO and latest technologies. Choose always bookmarking sites having high PR.

  2. Promotional products using social media today has become one of the many trends do business online and offline. Some reasons why webmaster promote their product using social media? Here are a few tips you can do if you want to use the social media to promote your products, such as Facebook or Twitter.

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    Indeed they are good for receiving traffic but, again, the majority of it does not represent the target audience. When I publish a post on one of the social bookmarking, I see an increase few hours after the publication, but after that the traffic goes down and this audience does not come back by itself.

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    If you want a proper traffic for your sites then you have to post it in appropriate category. And before that you have to write proper title , short but to the point description and the keywords related to it. And then you can post that on do follow URL which will help to get traffic on our sites.

  5. Social bookmarking is just that "Social" Bookmarking. So the keyword here is that you should be social on these platforms and share interesting posts as well as follow & reshare content from other users. Doing this will enable you to build trust and establish social buzz over time.

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    The problem is that the visitors dissapear as they came

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