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Thread: How to use Social Bookmarking to Promote your Business?

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  1. How to use Social Bookmarking to Promote your Business?

    Social Bookmarking can be extremely beneficial, and a fantastic way of promoting your business, if you just take a little time to do it right.

    *Choose high page rank Social bookmarking sites for submission. Some popular sites are Stumble Upon,, Digg, and Reddit etc.

    *Be sure to find a site that works with your niche.

    *Set up your account on each social bookmarking site

    *Submit a URL link to the site and fill out the description box, tags, keywords and subject, if needed.

    *Recognize the articles, websites, and blogs that are bookmarked the most, with the highest rankings.

    *Continue submitting URLs through the system and categorizing them accordingly to build your list.

    *Vote for other stories and also comment on stories

  2. Social bookmarking is quickly turning into one of the greatest marketing tools online, particularly since this will increase your chances of being well ranked by the search engines, also, bookmarking will help a non-indexed page to become indexed rapidly.This also helps in promoting the business online

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    Social bookmarking is a very efficient and effective social media technique in SEO that has become the most sought after web promotion and marketing service to enhance the occurrence of one's online business so as to increase the targeted traffic and generate more sales. Social bookmarking service is a part of SEO services and facilitates the clients to tag the sites with relevant targeted keywords so that they can store them at specific easily accessible locations. The major characteristics of social bookmarking are to share them with the other online members in the social communities.

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    Post Re:

    I would like to add another point to them. Its better to choose different title and descriptions for stories you want to submit in each social bookmark. It gives you best result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazraz101 View Post
    Lets not forget that quality and relative content is also very good. you can also use social bookmarks for great off page SEO. So many way's to do it.
    I also agree with you,
    Quality and relative content is really helpful to get massive traffic.

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    Try to increase your followers or network in the top social bookmarking sites. This would help you gain more visitors to your website.

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    Simply go for top 20 or top 40 for inner pages and for home page go for top 60 or 100.

    Use 3 different titles and description.

    Break them through out the week ... and you will get the positive results.

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    We all know that social bookmarking is the best and effective method to get more backlinks to the site. But the thing is that now it be used more by people and it is little tough to get better results. So one need to provide attractive and meaningful description in their submission with the suitable keywords and titles and then only people attract to click on your bookmark and then only you will get benefit.

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    Somebody at namepros suggested I collect them all and blog them.
    But then, that is work.
    And you know how I feel about doing work.

    Note: you all go on about running to social media sites and dump your links.
    And get as much traffic if you opened your window and yelled to your neighbor.

    I bet my reach on twitter is more than anyone's reach on any other social media site.

    Notorious B I G or whatever his name is?
    He follows me on twitter for some strange reason.

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    Hi, Social bookmarking is a good way to earn backlink for a site and it is really helpful to earn quick indexing benefits for your site.

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