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Thread: Making money from your twitter account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    Yeah, I recommend Sponsored Tweets. Sign-up under me here. xD

    But Twitter definitely has a number of monetization options!
    It's great for exposure to websites and affiliate URLs and it's applicable for programs like what have been mentioned in this thread.
    I signed up under you

    I think the more fingers we have in the twitter ad pot the better


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    I used to use Magpie - Twitter Advertising - Home Page but i felt it was too spammy for my followers.

  3. I didnt know that you can gain some earnings through your twitter account ..Anyway is any type of groups accepted for this one?

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    SponsoredTweets got stupid new rules that you need to have a minimum of X tweets, member of minimum X days etc.. but I'll just wait and see how it goes

    I'm getting a big fan from this tool: Buy Retweets For Twitter - Some people let me retweet quotes which I like (you can choose ofcourse) and from that I can later on get some free retweets from others
    |Nico Lawsons

  5. Thanks for the link. I've joined other services like this but not so much activity from them. I hope we'll be able to earn money from this site.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Have you guys heard about Sponsored Tweets?

    I really have no idea about sponsored twitts ..By the way what is the requirement for it ?

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    Nice idea to make money from Twitter. Thanks for the information.

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