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Thread: Marketing using social bookmarking sites !

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    Hi, I did not bookmark my sites for a long time and traffic went down I started booking marking again and traffic is back up. I see a bunch from stumble upon, but most of that traffic is a bounce. However if they thumbs up it they might come back at a later time.
    Low quality Bookmarking sites will only dropped or gone in the future due to selling and redirection. Aside from authority sites use other platforms available.

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    Yes, I do bookmarking. Flokd , raddit, digg, delicious, stumbleupon will provide good traffic to your site.

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    Does anyone here still able to use reddit?
    I've been trying to bookmark a blog but it always tell me to try again, though I haven't used it for a long time now.
    Has anyone here experienced the same?

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