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Thread: Marketing using social bookmarking sites !

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    Marketing using social bookmarking sites !

    What do you think about marketing using social bookmarking site ? Have you ever used Digg, stumble . propeller for marketing ? Do you advice me to go for it for getting traffic to my site?

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    social bookmarking sites are best for marketing,
    I also use them.

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    I submit my every post on Stumble, Reddit, Traffup, Digg and Twitter..

    Social Bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to bring genuine traffic on websites, and blogs. (especially blogs)

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    I usually do social book marking sites to promote the business sites and i have good results of posting like i have good traffic towards my sites and also i have noticed to a good number of back links from the quality and well ranked sites.

  5. I use some social media and micro blogging, such as twitter, FB, tumble, reddit, digg, delicious, and many more social media. Its very useful if you want to share your idea or something useful info to another.

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    Using popular sites like Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon are effective for brand awareness and promotions as well as to increase popularity.

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    I did not bookmark my sites for a long time and traffic went down I started booking marking again and traffic is back up. I see a bunch from stumble upon, but most of that traffic is a bounce. However if they thumbs up it they might come back at a later time.

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    Using all those sites?
    Basically a waste of time.
    Used to be they would give excellent traffic.
    But now?
    So overloaded with links, stories, blah blah...
    That the traffic now is like not good traffic.

    It is great when someone puts one of my blog posts on reddit, or stumble upon.
    Big tick in traffic.
    But big tick in bounce rate.
    Like Sami said.

  9. Its social networking sites that are preferred this time. they're google+, facebook and the likes.. I wonder when will these last because I like it more when people go to forums and have discussions than going to company's facebook pages to ask.

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    I think that the attention span of people from social sites is near zero, hence the bounce rate. They are eager to get back to their social site to hit the like button or whatever and check out the next fun thing. Or maybe they are eager to get back to playing Candy Crush?

    If you post a great news story, it will just get copied to a more popular location and you will be lucky to get even a link back - more likely just the name of your site or your name will be mentioned on the bigger site.

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