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Thread: Need help about Social Bookmarking

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    Unhappy Need help about Social Bookmarking

    I have done so many book marks. But currently I am facing some difficult problems. One of them is my posts are not getting published. They are all in submitted condition. Is there any thing wrong if I submit Social Bookmark for many projects in one single Social Bookmarking site??
    Please give me your suggestion with proper reasons please.

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    Right, if you bookmark many pages only from one domain name and from same IP address, you would have such problems.

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  3. Submit 1 link in a day form a accoutn to social bookmarking site do not multiply submit in same day using same ip and same profile

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    Use different accounts, different IP address (get dynamic IP connection), clear cookies and cache after every submission.

    These are professional tips.

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    it is not wiser to bookmark different pages of same domain in a single site. I think you should target different sites and if u really want to make it in same site then be sure to get identical ip. For that u can buy proxy services.

  6. I think that social bookmarking is very important for site traffic and indexing you post or URL. But be sure when you submit any URL from different IP address in a day.

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