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Thread: Share your gmail and yahoo ID for Digg.

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    Thumbs up Share your gmail and yahoo ID for Digg.

    Here I am starting a new thread where we all can share our gmail and yahoo id. If you are adding your id then do copy previous one so that it would be easy for newcomers to add all. Lets make a huge network.

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    Uhm?? I don't what the purpose of this could possibly be for? Why would want to display your email address like then unless your trying to break some record on the most spam received in a day

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    Agreed with Bill. It's not a very pleasing idea to share the ids Sushil. Though the forum is fair so far but ids shared in open can invite spammers and email harvesters. It's like open treat to them. I don't think any webmaster would like to share in open. I'd recommend you to join this group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChillingBreeze View Post
    I'd recommend you to join this group.
    Would be interesting but I do not have access to that part of the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Portailduweb View Post
    Would be interesting but I do not have access to that part of the forum.
    You need to send the request to the forum leader, here is the link
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    i am also agreed with "ChillingBreez" & one more thing i wants to add is for digg we don't need lots of IM friends we just need to be active on digg & we can easily get around 50 - 100 diggs in 24hr..which is a quite impressive figure....what you can do you can see the email id's from digg users profile as well & send them invite.


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    I must say, we all should stay in touch. Just posting here means we agree to cooperate what is the main objective of OP. I would gladly participate in it.

    I am available at my yahoo ID
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