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Thread: Which site gets you maximum traffic?

  1. The only social bookmarking site that has worked well for me has been StumbleUpon.
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  2. Youtube sends me the most traffic, and the most targeted traffic of any social site I belong to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texashiker View Post
    Youtube sends me the most traffic, and the most targeted traffic of any social site I belong to.
    If you don't mind can you give an approx figure. i.e. how many vids get you how many people?
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    i get traffic from these sites

    Stumble ,, Dogg, redit ,

    whenever i search my site tag in google i found lot of search results, these sites are Highly PR that's why its helpful for us.

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    I used Digg for getting traffic...
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    these are the social bookmarking sites that gives huge traffic to my site.. although twitter is not a Social bookmarking site, I consider it as a massive traffic builder.

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    I use Digg (most useful) and Twitter (2nd) 100% of the time. Sometimes I use Reddit (4th) and StumbleUpon (3rd). YouTube has produced massive amounts of traffic every time I ever used it, but it's not applicable for all niches. Vinefire often produces good results as well.

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    To be completely honest, they all pretty much suck. Although sometimes if I post something to reddit and it becomes a bit popular, it does give me a lot of traffic. I would like to see the potential of it though...

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    Hello Snake,
    According to me which sites i am using these are,

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    I get most of the traffic from Stumble Upon. After that Reddit and Digg send most of the traffic.

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