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Thread: Which site gets you maximum traffic?

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    In addition to the sites already listed I've gotten some small traffic from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snak3 View Post
    I have a straight question, i'm more concerned about direct(referral i.e.) traffic being generated from a particular social bookmarking site.

    I submit my article links to around 25 sites after its indexed and get an average of 25-200 visitors from these sites.
    The sites that get me max traffic are Sphinn, Fark, Linkagogo and Stunbleupon.
    What about you'll? Which social bookmarking sites get you'll the most traffic?
    I got most my traffic from Digg and Stumble because when I get people to digg my site I give them a link that when the digg it I get a unique visitor hit as well.

    I think what it does is it opens the site with a digg toolbar above if you're logged in to digg.

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    you have to ensure that these sites are dofollow links otherwise it' a wasting time

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    Personally I depend upon SE for traffic as far as social sites concerns DIGG and TWITTER really help me in getting traffic.
    Quality Backlink Sevice.

    Your satisfaction is our achievement.

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    Well I use many Social Bookmarking Sites for getting traffic ..
    Yahoo Buzz
    and many more

    but Digg is my favorite Site..

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    Well, I'm sure Digg brings the most traffic on you website if you get to the first page but it is quite hard to do. I usually don't get any traffic from bookmarking websites because I submit my pages for backlinks.
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  7. - Enrich your websurfing experience is the best one to get traffic

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    All the social bookmarking sites be helpful to get more backlinks to the site. But to attract more people to you, you need to provide unique and useful description in your submission so that you can get attention of more people through your description. And the other need is to be more focused in choice of the titles and meta tags through which your content and post is going to find by people. So titles and description are the most crucial things in your submission to get better results than other.

  9. this time i get most traffic from StumbleUpon only. coz i don't use other social media site. but earlier i used to get traffic from yahoo and digg.

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    For 2012 these are among the best:


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