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Thread: social bookmarking

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    social bookmarking

    How to do social bookmarking? Any pointers about it?

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    Hey this is same like directory submission.

    1st u will create a/c & after post all details.





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    Make sure that you don't post the same link twice otherwise it will be counted as spam. Also check that the bookmarking sites are DO Follow and have high Google Pagerank.

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    Social bookmarking means submitting your link url to social bookmarking sites to help improve your page rank. A lot of high PR social bookmarking sites can be found at

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    social bookmarking, isn't it one of a web marketing ave? nweiz, what is this PR? i cant seem to get a solid figure about it. i search a certain website and some of the top listing has lower PR but still they rank higher than those who have higher PR.

    please comment...... tnx. it would be a great help....

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    You can use Onlywire. $3 a month and a couple of hours creating your accounts (and personalizing them) and you can submit any sites and pages to over 30 social bookmarking sites.

  7. Make sure your a member of social bookmarking site and you must not put links twice with the same IP ..Try to not spam by reading rules of social bookmarking site

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    One way is to stick some links so your users can add your site into their bookmarks

    "Add to bookmark site 1"

    "Add to bookmark site 2"

    etc etc..quite easy to do and saves you the hassle of signing up to every site there is and adding it yourself.

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    Social Book marking is good for the traffic and also good indexed in search engines make sure Social book marking is never allow the spamming.

  10. you need to submit your site URL with a title, description and not to forget the tags.

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