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Thread: Social Bookmarking

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    Another good way of Promotion is social Bookmarking which brings you more and More visitors.I have bookmarked and started communities on my site with the following sites (




    4-My Space

    and Its always the Best way of promoting site and bringing in more traffic, so we can make sure we can traffic that will stay active and will be devoted to the core subject of our site!

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    We have it here and I use AddThis on my own forum as well.

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    The best bookmarking site for me is digg. Digg not only helps on generating traffic but also helps to get indexed fast

  4. is the best one to get traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexandra brian View Post
    Social bookmarking sites are good for traffic and site back links.My favorite bookmark sites are Digg,Twitter,stumble upon,reddit,mixx,faves,folkd etc which fastly index and crawl the site.
    I think that twitter is not a social bookmarking site, it's social network
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    You do know, that just because you get a profile in a social marketing site, or post something, or tell everyone you are so darn nice, that it does not equate into tons of traffic, or even tens of traffic, or even into traffic at all?

    Surprising how many webmasters spend time and energy going from one SM site to another, and for little to no returns.

    For every webmaster who says he/she got tons of traffic (and very few of them will prove that), there are probably at least 100 webmasters who get squat.

    It is like article marketing, everyone is doing it, and no one is paying attention.

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    Twitter, Facebook, Myspace these are no doubt good sites but these are social networking sites, not helpful in SEO link building as their links are no follow, but they are no doubt best networking sites to get good traffic towards your site.

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    Social bookmarking is very good way of promotion..
    i like to promote site through social media...

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    With my affiliate manager blog I am primarily using Twitter, Facebook, and Digg.

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    Some High pr social bookmarking sites 7 8 8 8 4 5 4 6

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