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    Has anyone here used StumbleUpon?

    I have once or twice, don't think I've really got results from it though.

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    What is it? Never heard of it...

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    I use it, it's a supplement. Even if it does little, it does do something and so it's good in some respects.

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    I use it, just to try and get a few hits from it. Never cared seriously.

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    StumbleUpon can boost traffic but seems not last for long. You normally will get tons of traffic on the first day and then you can see the traffic is slow down on the following day and no traffic are coming after several days

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    Usually I get a few hundreds of unique for only the first day but it's worth submitting. If the site has really good content you'll get thousand traffic.

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    I use stumple upon all the time and get a decent amount of traffic.
    It isn't always very targeted though.
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    StumbleUpon is a great source of traffic. I also like their ad platform. I run ads on it all the time for QuickInbox.

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    Good site really, i got good traffic from it, although its link is no follow, but for traffic generation it is best site.

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    Stumbleupon nowadays is one of the biggest sources of traffic
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