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Thread: StumbleUpon and eBay Split!

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    StumbleUpon and eBay Split!

    StumbleUpon founders Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith, in combination with investors from Sherpalo Ventures, Accel Partners, and August Capital have bought StumbleUpon back from eBay.

    eBay bought StumbleUpon two years ago for $75M.

    No one is saying how much the group paid eBay to get StumbleUpon away from them.

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    Although traffic has been "stumbling" over the last year, decreasing steadily since February 2008, social sharing service StumbleUpon has broken off from eBay and returned to its original status as an investor-backed startup with its original founders. Plus, there are talks that eBay is trying to sell off Skype.

    We're thinking that eBay may be hurting and is trying to cut off the lines that may be holding it back. We're hoping this move will help both sites stagger their way back to their peak in pageviews and visitors.

    StumbleUpon, a site that allows you to discover web sites based on your interests, was sold to eBay two years ago. Since then, many users have found the site to be somewhat lacking in innovation and most are still trying to find out what exactly eBay's interest in the site was originally. But eBay didn't capitalize on the site as much as would have been expected. So now it's gone back to its beginnings ... sort of. Same founders, new investors and, we're sure, a renewed enthusiasm to bring the weird, interesting and unique of the web to the common people.
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