What is Technorati?

Technorati is a search engine for user-generated media such as blogs and feeds. A phrase on the website says, “Searching the World Live Web”. Typing a subject in the ‘search the blogosphere’ search bar makes the site’s search engine identify the most recent news or blog posts on that particular topic.

What does Technorati do?

Technorati has a bookmarking feature called ‘Technorati This”. With this, users can go to the Technorati engine using any site they are currently viewing.

You can add this to your browser’s bookmark list. You can browse through any site you prefer, find an interesting topic on that site, and find out other visitors’ views on that topic. If you highlight certain words within that site’s content that are about that topic, and then enable the Technorati This bookmark, the search engine page will initiate. It will then do a search with the highlighted words. Due to the results that pop up being the most recent ones on the specified topic, you will get different results with one search within minutes of doing another.

You can search blog posts or news posts by tags, too. After posting an entry into a blog, the user assigns a label or category to it. Categorical blog posts are facilitated by inputting ‘tag:keyword’.

Type in ‘tag:marketing’ if you want to identify the newest posts within the category of marketing. The search engine may come up with blog post results about Internet marketing, marketing ideas, or marketing vegetables. Although this may be a neat little feature, you might not be able to locate the posts that you need, since there is no concrete standard for tags and category names. Blog owners may have posted articles tagged with erroneous categories.

Technorati may benefit from eventually offering keyword tools that show the number of searches that occurred for a certain keyword or phrase for a particular time. This would be beneficial to bloggers. They would have a better idea of how to tag their posts to specific categories and know what keywords to use for a certain topic. This suggested feature could help streamline their optimization.

Joining Technorati

Technorati membership is free. A membership allows a user to create a profile, which has the user name and a link to the user’s blog/s. ‘Claiming’ one’s blog allows the display of your profile along with the search results wherein your blog pops up.

Aside from those stated above, there are several more reasons to join Technorati. Your site will have a larger viewership when you claim your blog, thus driving more targeted traffic to your site.