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Thread: Traffic...and a bit more!

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    Traffic...and a bit more!

    For those of you who believe that you've got a great website or are in the process of developing something truly miraculous and need traffic, contact the guys at Digg and various other social bookmarking websites. Cnet can also be really helpful.

    If you're idea is really good...they'll probably ask you for a few background details about your website(or idea), maybe arrange for a meeting and feature it in an article. This could result in a tremendous boost in targeted traffic flow. Really helpful if you've got something great - otherwise they pro'lly won't give you a second look

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    Awesome But I guess many people answering Digg questions like this are just removing this and checking the next big thing
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Digg has faded out of market fast, there is still a decent amount of traffic and articles hitting the front page but most people know the system is gamed and it's crap. All of the traffic I've ever gained from having my articles hit weren't very much, and it's nothing short of sad.

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    Hello all, I will go with digg. Digg is the top social bookmarking sites. I am using digg last 5 years and I found great result. So .......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammyjoker View Post
    Hello all, I will go with digg. Digg is the top social bookmarking sites. I am using digg last 5 years and I found great result. So .......
    How have you managed to get so many diggs in all those years? Do you have a big userbase? Exchanging diggs or??

    |Nico Lawsons

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    What does "great results" mean as well... I have gotten 5 or 6 different articles to the front page with my power alone, which I take pride in as I haven't been working seriously on internet marketing for that long. Although it's hard to say exactly how you can game Digg, know that it is possible and most of the front page content is just content that's been pushed there by Power Diggers or large Digg exchanges

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    You can only get on the front page if you have a huge blog, something like engadget, or cracked, or the usual newspaper blogs.

    Or, you can get on to the front page if you know certain people. There are a bunch of people who have been on the site since the beginning, and when they digg something, they have swarms of people who digg it because they did. It's like follow the leader.

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    Really social bookmarking is really effective to increase web traffic thanks for the sharing

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    I think everyone is neglecting to mention that articles submitted to Digg are indexed quickly.

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