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Thread: what classification can be given to

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    Question what classification can be given to

    I was wondering what classification can be given to Any idea?

  2. It seems like a completely new concept -- one that creates it's own category.

    Unfortunately, that usually makes things harder to market.

    Historically, forum owners have been very guilty of trying to create walls around their communities. I think the "industry" is slowly growing up from that, but we have a long way to go!
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    That is exactly true, is hard to market a new concept, product or something that is new to people. I have had to explain it over and over and people keep asking "what's that?," For what's that?" But little by little is taking off.

    And about forum owners, yes, many of them think that they will loose their members by sharing with other forums and that's a big mistake. If they don't offer value to members, sooner or later members will leave.

    Actually, I have a big frame picture in a wall with a bridge that inspire me a lot. It says " Lets build bridges, not walls"


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    Updates: I have made new changes and it's looking much better. It is taking off. 1MFP is growing!


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    Hello guys!

    Here is a proof the growth and how 1mfp brings traffic to your sites. Here is already showing netbuilders' stats at alexa as 2.02% of traffic to is coming from as of today.

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    The tool is very awesome, but I wonder why anybody would visit the page or visit profiles from people on other forums.. I don't think there will be many hot girls on it neither so

    Could you explain that more please?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    That is a good question

    There are many motives witch drive people to visit others profile page. May I ask you something? Before 1mfp appeared, did you ever visited anyone's profile page in other than this forum? If so, what was your motives?

    Did my questions answered yours?

    In my case, when I started with wihee forums, I used to visit only Digital Point. I used to buy a lot of avatar spaces and signatures to promote my new forum. (one of the reasons I got banned once for 6 months at DP was because I started paying per posts made at DP to users that had my link on their signature and they accused me for promoting post spam. If you can notice, I do not post a lot, even in my own forum, so, I didn't want to rely only in my posts.)

    Then I said, ok, I can not rely only on DP. Then I started joining others forums. I tell you something... If this tool would had been at DP by that time, I already would had joined netbuilders long time before. and I would had met more people much faster. I would had been much more exposed to many people.

    That is my particular motive, get exposure of myself as a person like any other, as a friend of anyone, as a business man, as who I am, as a human)

    Why do I strongly believe on 1mfp since nobody had put attention on it in the begining? Is because I know the power of exposure. And that power can be built by anyone from a single person to an entire community. And people that know what they are doing, they know what exposure means. Never underestimate an exposure as little it may seems. Maybe that tiny extra exposure can lead you to your goals at the "speed of light".

    Every one has its own motives. Ones for fun, others business, others for etc.... I put the tool for you to use it, you are the only one that can find your own motives to use it on your favor


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