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Thread: Backlinks from Twitter?

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    Backlinks from Twitter?

    I just joined Twitter and I have got a nice widget as well but I dont know how to use it to get backlinks from twitter.

    Might be a stupid question but any help will be highly appreciated

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    It is pretty simple to get traffic from Twiiter. When you tweet include the link to your site. People click on the link and they link back to you.

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    Do you mean just posting a link in a tweet, or getting an official Google Backlink from Twitter to your site?

    |Nico Lawsons

  4. Talk about your site and especially your blog. When you add a blog post, mention that you just posted on your blog. Mention the topic. It helps.
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    Do backlinks from Twitter have any value, for ranking purposes, not traffic purposes. I'm not putting Twitter down, I'm genuinely curious about this, and whether similar social networking sites pass on any PR.

  6. All links from Twitter are nofollow or use URL redirectors. From a pure SEO standpoint, links on Twitter have no value.

    Of course, being linked on Twitter may eventually get you linked from other places...
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