Here are some of the benefits of having a custom Twitter profile's background.

1. A Twitter custom background legitimizes your profile:
A well designed Twitter background is the best way to legitimize your profile or a business Twitter page. Leaving the right impression in the minds of visitors is one of the benefits of a Twitter custom background designed exclusively for your company.

2. It provides you and your company free advertising space:
The pre-made Twitter backgrounds are used by almost everyone using Twitter and it becomes very monotonous for visitors to view the same backgrounds repeatedly. Having a beautifully designed custom made background for you and your company makes visitors stop at your profile page. This pause time acts as free advertising space.

3. Increases the number of your followers:
One of the benefits of a Twitter custom background is that an appealing and informational profile background allows you to attract more visitors, increase your network and add more followers to your twitter profile.

4. Adds weight to your tweets:
Tweets are useful for developing new relationships, announcing offers and promotions etc. Your business is bound to miss out on more than half of the benefits of advertising on Twitter, if your profile does not have an attractive background along with valuable messages. With a personalized, custom background that is appropriate for your company, you can gain instant value and create an impact on the users.

5. It allows you to add more information and photos:
You can store limited information on the basic, pre-made Twitter profile backgrounds. Having a custom background will allow you to add photos, contact information, information about your company etc.

6. Allows you to send direct marketing messages:
Sending direct marketing messages in your tweets is a very risky task as there is always a risk of losing your following. Having a customized background image allows you to send direct marketing messages freely. Choose the most important messages that you want your visitors to know and communicate them through your profile.

A custom twitter background allows you to present anything you like to your visitors. It not only helps you to establish your company’s brand or your brand, make your profile legitimate and publish contact as well as other important information but also helps you to differentiate your Twitter account from the remaining accounts.