Awhile back my girlfriend got an invite to a website called

It is essentially a website that is designed to connect consumers with businesses and other websites. If you are lucky you get invited to try new products for free. My girlfriend scored some awesome full size skincare products, but also noticed other things about the site.

If you are over 18 doing certain things gives you points. These points can be redeemed.

The best part and the reason why I am posting this, is that you can submit websites to "the frogpond". These websites are posted and then reviewed by members. I have found it to be a FANTASTIC tool for getting honest feedback about your site. The reviewers will tell you immediately what you can do to make it better. Plus you get traffic. If the folks like your site, that traffic sticks.

From personal experiences I have noticed the following:

A boost in traffic.
A boost in clicks.
A boost in valuable feedback.
A boost in exposure to my sites.
A great community for sharing the joy of website discovery.

It's a fun mix of a freebie reward type site, but also a directory and social networking place.

I encourage anyone with a website that meets their guidelines to try it out! They are very much against spam, so don't spam them! If you would like me to submit your site for you I can do it for a small fee, just PM me!

What do you think of bzzagent, and will you try it out?