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Thread: Different ways to get free facebook likes

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    Different ways to get free facebook likes

    I have seen a lot of people here who are willing to buy facebook likes for an exorbitant price ($119).. wow, salute to you

    I personally think when there are so many easy ways to get free facebook likes, then what is the need of actually purchasing them. Go try the following sureshot ways to get free likes:

    1. Ask your loyal friends to not just like your page but also share it on their timeline. This would not just bring likes on your page, but there is also a chance that your page gets viral (if a lot of people start sharing it).

    2. Place the widget of your FB page on your website's sidebar or header. This will give you a chance to convert your readers into fans.

    3. Go for sites like traffup that helps you get free facebook likes on your pages. I am sure there are a lot of such sites, but i normally use traffup because i have been using it for long. This is better than purchasing bulk likes because you get facebook likes over a period of time, so it wont look fake or artificial.

    4. Always share motivational quotes on your Facebook Pages. Users love to share and promote such quotes and there is a chance that your page gets viral. In addition to this, you can also share your points with us. And yes, never purchase likes when you can get them free.

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    So many people do NOT have a website and are on FB.
    Motivational quotes will not bring likes unless your readers are into such stuff.
    You follow me on fb and do nothing but motivational quotes and you are gone.
    Altogether, what you propose is only for a small little niche.

    And really, except for people like you, marketers, narcistic types...
    No one cares about likes!

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    I think Facebook likes maybe interpreted in many ways and one of them is trust that is coming from the people who likes your page because not just liking it but they agreed on it and help them in other ways.

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    Asking for likes is like begging for food.
    Come on, any reasonable person would say, likes on fb have to come naturally.
    People seeing your fb and liking a post.
    But to ask, buy, whine, beg, get likes is just plain stupid.

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