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Thread: Do You Think A Site Can Only Be Successful If The Staff Use Twitter And Facebook ?

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    Do you think a forum or site needs to use the features of a social network site, especially both twitter and facebook as standard when having a site or forum ? With that a page of both I mean, and tweet, invite, etc .. Pay to promote on facebook, and so on ....

    I personally think that is not needed, but it also depends on what type of site you start.

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    Just depends on your target, if a *lot of facebook and twitter users are your goal to getting on your site, then it makes sense to use them

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    Not at all. It won't matter if you use Twitter or Facebook if you lack good and active content on your site. On the other hand Twitter and Facebook is a good tool to communicate with current and potential visitors on your website.

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    No, I think any site can be successful without Twitter/Facebook/MySpace. The only thing they seem to help you do is get more members and traffic to your site.

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    No it doesn't really matter as basically all you are doing is getting members to join and possible the odd stranger. I personally prefer them so I can use a service for them.

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    There are a lot of other Social Media websites that you can use to promote your website, such as Stumble, Reddit, Traffup, Digg, Hubpages, Squidoo, Youtube, Delicious..

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