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    Who here uses Facebook as a method of promotion?

    I have a like page for Admin Community but I haven't ever really used it.

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    I used to, not anymore though

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    I've got a Like Page for UK Gaming, I just wish that I wasn't the only one adding details from the forums, website and servers to it constantly while admining the forums and coding the website.

    And I also wish there were more Fans of the page, so if any of you have any ideas, they'll be appreciated.

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    There's my facebook page. Not too much activity comes from it though.

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    I do! But I found it ineffective for my site.

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    You just gotta really promote your Facebook Pages and your Twitter.

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    I use facebook but not to advertise my stuff.

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    I use Facebook a little bit to promote my site, but not very much.

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    I have created a facebook page for "call of duty" as my site is a call of duty forum. It doesn't have many fans or "likes" as they're called now but it does happen to bring a few people over to take a look, you get the odd 1 or 2 people join every week or so. It's not working soo great for me this method but I guess it's worth trying it's different for everyone.

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    I tried to use it, but people either 'like' it and then just don't bother coming back to that page, or they just ignore the request so it's a bit pointless for me.

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