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  1. Smile Facebook?


    have you used Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy?

    Two good reads if you want to learn more:

    5 Killer Tips for Facebook Ad Ownage |
    A Killer Facebook Strategy Revealed |

    As for me, no, I have not marketed on FB. I prefer to keep FB just for friends who I have actually met and know. I don't want to flood their timelines with stuff that does not interest them.

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    I have almost 1000 friends and I use Face Book to drive lots of traffic to my blog. Mostly Indonesian people.

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    I use facebook for personal reasons only.

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    I too use Facebook for personal reasons only. I do not go adding random people.

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    Once i start my blog, I will consider creating separate account for all my blogger friends and promote my stuff there.

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    Nope. Facebook for me = personal, and I really don't even use it for that. I spend about 10 minutes a week on it.
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    I use Facebook for both personal and marketing purposes. Previously, I was just pulling my blog updates into Facebook using the Notes application and I was amazed by the number of people clicking on the links.

    As Facebook ranks number 2 in terms of traffic source from social media sites, I start to give it more attention by participating in groups and fan pages.
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    We created a facebook group... that members can join it, and then their friends can see it and find out about our site...

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    Facebook ads are THE best ads I have seen in a long time.

    Advertisers can target them extremely specifically.

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