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Thread: FaceBook Advertising

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    FaceBook Advertising

    Do you guys advertise and promote your sites on FaceBook?

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    I have a Facebook page for my forum.

    I get more hits from my Twitter, but it's still good to get some good SMO going.

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    I post my link on other fan pages sometimes, never worked for me really though.

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    I do have a FB for mysite, it's not used right now as much as I should be using it.. but I do have one lol.

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    i wud prefer twitter over facebook because my site's niche is not something which will get attention of facebookers :P

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    Using facebook here. Started to use video to advertise.

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    I think twitter is more suitable for advertising than facebook

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    RE: FaceBook Advertising

    Not much, it doesn't work that well.

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