I could be wrong about this, and it's just a thought, but I wanted to put it out there for opinions.

We have Google that rewards branding over relevancy, making it more difficult for small businesses to make it on the first page of results if they don't have any of this brand juice.

On the other hand we have Facebook (and other social media), which seems to be all about reputation of a given site, service, product or company. If you're offering something that's awesome, cool or useful to a lot of people, and present it in the right way you can get the likes. Since likes are associated to your product/service/site/business name this seems to be a perfect funnel for creating a brand.

In a nutshell, Facebook allows you to create a brand, and Google rewards these brands with further traffic. Small businesses left without much choice might end up switching to social media marketing in droves, and all they have to blame is Google itself. Remember the fact that the two are big competitors that like to dislike each other and you can see a funny side to this as well.

Of course, this may be why Google itself is pushing into social media as well, but who here is willing to bet they'll be able to dethrone Facebook and Twitter any time soon?