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Thread: Facebook is king!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    Open your eye with mind and common sense,
    he put inner page in signature which is PR6
    but original site {main URL} is PR8
    Oops didn't notice it was an inner page

    Congrats on PR8!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    With this traffic I guess facebook will beat google in few months
    Didn't that already happen around Christmas?
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    Ya agreed facebook is KING among all social networking sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyponting66 View Post

    FACEBOOK got pr 10 now!!

    it beaten up google in Jan in traffic and now its pr10!!

    lol.. will it be the new KING?
    Exactly! That's why so many marketers are starting to move their efforts onto facebook.

    What's even better about facebook is the potential to go viral!

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    I don't know why are you talking about FB beating Google - they are not even a comptetiton. Facebook is the biggest social network and Google is the biggest search engine. I also don't see any benifit of PR10 for my activities in social media marketing.
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    agreed with hendricius...well said buddy... they both are just two different things.. no point comparing them...both r kings in two separate areas!!

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